Post-War Designs: Canlis & The Swedish Club

Kim Turner remembers sitting with his sister on a slope overlooking downtown and witnessing the lights coming back on in skyscrapers after one of the last World War II blackouts. With the lights on, Seattle’s future was unleashed, eventually leading to our current rebuilding frenzy.

Modern Tour BannerThe Queen Anne Modern tour held on June 14, 2014 visited contemporary homes and was brackete by two mid-century jewels, Canlis Restaurant (1947) and the Swedish Club (1961). Both buildings reveal the effort to reinvigorate American design following the hiatus from 1929 (the Great Depression) to 1945 (the end of World War II) during which almost nothing got built. Both are pioneering buildings by important local architects. Neither one belongs to the mid-century modern Roman brick class of homes that pepper our hill. Canlis is a marvelous example of Roland Terry’s Northwest School style, while the Swedish Club designed a decade later by Robert Theriault is evidence of the search by post-war architects for a new vocabulary, even it meant borrowing heavily from the work of Seattle-born star Minoru Yamasaki. …Continue reading “Post-War Designs: Canlis & The Swedish Club”

Seattle Fire Station No 24 – 5th Ave W & W Galer St

Station 24, 1910
Station 24, 1910

In 1903, Seattle Fire Station No. 24 opened on Fifth Avenue West at West Galer Street near West Queen Anne Elementary School. Until the mid-1920s, the station housed fire companies using horse-drawn ladder and hose wagons. The building was remodeled in 1925 when the department bought motorized fire trucks. The station was closed in 1949 and subsequently demolished.

Read more about the history of the Seattle Fire Department at the Last Resort Fire Department website.

Queen Anne High school

I attended several Queen Anne events in August 2006 which were based around the former Queen Anne High School and its students. Queen Anne alums, for some reason, have a greater bond than do the alums of many other high schools. It may be in part due to the fact that the school is no longer a school. However, over a thousand alums gathered to view the classrooms-turned-apartments-turned-condos. This was probably one of the highlight times to remember the school and for what it stood. …Continue reading “Queen Anne High school”