Shooting at SPU, Ross and the Streetcar Barn

Mourners, June 6, 2014
Mourners, June 6, 2014

The scourge of campus shootings came to Queen Anne on June 5, 2014 when 26-year-old Aaron Ybarra opened fire in Otto Miller Hall. Ybarra wounded three students one of whom, 19-year-old Paul Lee, died. Ybarra was subdued with pepper spray as he tried to reload his gun by 22-year-old SPU student Jon Meis, who restrained him until the arrival of Seattle Police. Meis was treated at the hospital and later released, along with another victim, Thomas Fowler, 24, who suffered pellet wounds to his chest and neck. The third victim, Sarah Williams, 19, was hospitalized after suffering wounds to her abdomen.

The tragic event at Seattle Pacific University astounded Queen Anne residents, the Christian university maintains a generally quiet and peaceful place in the community’s mind. The school’s low profile hides the fact that it is one of Seattle’s oldest institutions of higher learning. SPU is typical of so many seminaries associated with a church and established for the elementary education of congregation children. In fact, Nils Peterson, a member of the Free Methodist Church with which the university is still associated, donated the land for the school as a place for his children. Today Peterson’s farm which originally tumbled down the northern side of Queen Anne is mostly intact and now known as Mount Pleasant Cemetery. …Continue reading “Shooting at SPU, Ross and the Streetcar Barn”

Board Member Spotlight – Kim Turner

I was born in Seattle’s Providence Hospital on June 7, 1943. At that time, my parents lived at 1202 Fifth Ave. N. In 1945, we moved into a house at 910 Third Ave. N, where we remained until February 1952. I began school at Warren Avenue Elementary School in 1948. I remember all of my teachers very well. Evelyn Reisig, my fourth grade teacher, was one of my favorites, as it was in her class that I got to listen to the Standard School Broadcasts, kindling a love for music which has not died. Carolyn Silva, my sixth grade teacher, encouraged my reading abilities, and I was often called on to read from the books, our “treat” after studies were over. …Continue reading “Board Member Spotlight – Kim Turner”

Passages at the New Year

It is the New Year and changes are already heavily in motion. Richard Jameson is leaving his position as editor of the Queen Anne News. Former editor and publisher John Murray died last year. Hideous new townhouses are replacing comfortable, older single family dwellings all across the hill, and one of my favorite relatives, who lived for a time on Queen Anne Hill, my aunt Dorothy Jane Hull, died in December at the age of 90. …Continue reading “Passages at the New Year”