Working Class Queen Anne

It is hard to imagine Queen Anne as a working class neighborhood. The views from the ridges on the south, east and west sides have attracted large elegant houses built by many of the movers and shakers in city history. Once you leave the ring of elegant aeries though, one-story commercial buildings, a huge quantity of apartment houses and numerous industrial sites on the neighborhood fringe suggest a working class history we don’t want to forget. …Continue reading “Working Class Queen Anne”

July 4, 1907: The Day the World Came to Queen Anne

Independence Day, 1907
Independence Day, 1907

For one summer day in 1907, Queen Anne Hill was the center of attention not just of Seattle, but of two continents. With a spectacle the likes of which has not been seen before or since, Seattle’s Japanese community hosted the city’s Independence Day festivities at just west of what is now Kerry Park on West Highland Drive. …Continue reading “July 4, 1907: The Day the World Came to Queen Anne”

Rocks of Ages

I was meditating on the past the other day and a memory came to mind, which led me along familiar paths to stand on some interesting surfaces. When I was about four years old, the woods on the northwest side of Third Avenue North were being excavated for the eventual construction of an apartment complex. During the excavation they uncovered a (to us) huge stone upon which my sister and I took turns standing. I think my Mom took our pictures, as my dad would have been at work. It was a small boulder which an ancient glacier had deposited there during its retreat. …Continue reading “Rocks of Ages”