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Historic Photos of Snow Scenes on Queen Anne

Queen Anne Ave. N. after snowstorm Slide Show

Seattle doesn't usually get hit by big snowstorms, but when deep snow falls, public transportation stops and cars stay off the streets. Children take advantage of sledding down hilly streets, especially the city's tallest incline, Queen Anne Hill.

In this slideshow of historic photos of snow scenes on Queen Anne, streetcars come to a halt, and pedestrians take to the streets. A number of the photos are from the Big Snow of 1916, which holds the record as the second-deepest blizzard in Seattle's history. In 24 hours, 21.5 new inches were measured.

For Further Reading

Paul Dorpat compiled a history of Seattle’s snow events, dating back to the 1800’s. Read his extensive article, illustrated with numerous photos, entitled Seattle Snows History.