The Powerful Georgetown

Queen Anne Connection: The Steam Plant

In the conversations about the Counterbalance and its construction in 1902 by the Seattle Electric Railway, there is little talk about the electricity that powered the line and the company that built the facilities that generated it. While it remains somewhat speculative, there is a good chance that after 1907, when the Seattle Electric Company’s Georgetown Steam Plant finally came on line, some of the electricity powering the streetcars on the Counterbalance and the five other Queen Anne lines came in part from that pioneering steam plant. There is no doubt though that the Seattle Electric Railway and the Seattle Electric Company were both part of Boston-based Stone and Webster, a monopolistic transit engineering firm with branches nationwide. …Continue reading “The Powerful Georgetown”

Galer Crest Apartments – 1420 – 1428 Queen Anne Ave

Galer Crest Apartments, 1934
Galer Crest Apartments, 1934

The Galer Crest Apartments were built in 1930 by Harry B. McKnight. It is one of the largest pre-World War II apartment buildings on Queen Anne, located in a very prominent position at the crest of the Queen Anne Counterbalance. It is also one of relatively few large mixed-use buildings on Queen Anne from this period. Its presence and size makes clear the importance of this part of Queen Anne as a relatively high density urban community at the end of the 1920s. The first owner was Olaf Johnson. The building has had a service station and, later, an auto repair garage, since it was first built. Other tenants have included a barber, beauty salons, shoe repair and a lending library. …Continue reading “Galer Crest Apartments – 1420 – 1428 Queen Anne Ave”

Cobblestone – September 2012

September 2012