Shopping & Food in Uptown

If more than one of us went “major” shopping, we walked down to Mercer, originally from Third North at the foot of the stairs, and after February 1952, from the house at 1207 Sixth Avenue North. From that location we still walked down to Mercer, but via Sixth to Ward Place, from there to Fifth Avenue North, then down by the Auditorium Apartments and west along Mercer to the Safeway (where the Chase Bank is today). …Continue reading “Shopping & Food in Uptown”

1940’s & Beyond

Thinking about history and growth of modern architecture on Queen Anne Hill and vicinity, I get to look back at all that with which I grew up, from the mid-1940s onward. My sister and I stood on a glacial boulder at the foot of the steps at Third Avenue North in front of our house (910 3rd Ave. N.). The boulder had been unearthed by the steam shovels which were quickly removing the hillside across the street to make way for an apartment complex, brick fronts, and comfortable units. About the same time, I watched the razing of the old Mercer School, which made way for the Seattle Public Schools Administration Building, a beautiful and eye-catching structure with many windows and a flagstone entrance. …Continue reading “1940’s & Beyond”

Cobblestone – May 2014

May 2014