From the left:

  1. The Clarance Blethen House — located at 500 W. Comstock, Blethen was the son of Alden Blethen, publisher of the Seattle Daily Times. Alden’s house was located one block south and west at 519 W. Highland Drive. The image was taken about 1903.
  2. The Oscar W. Peterson House — located at 506 1st Ave. West (NE corner Republican and 1st Ave. West), Peterson owned an early dry goods and grocery store along with his brothers, in downtown Seattle. The house, built around 1890, was torn down in the early 1960’s and replaced with the first version of the Safeway market present today.
  3. Henry A. Smith’s House — located in Interbay near 16th west and Dravus, by the time this image was created (circa late 1940’s), the house had been empty for a number of years. Henry A. Smith was a land grant pioneer in the interbay area.