Queen Anne’s Nameless Places

Naming places may be one of the shared aspects of human civilizations, so it is hard to believe that there are so many nameless places in our inner-city neighborhood.  It is clear that long before non-native people arrived in Washington State, indigenous settlers had names for significant places.  ‘Tahoma’ is a marvelous example, although that wasn’t the only name in Salishan languages for Mount Rainier.  All those watery ‘mish’ places — Snohomish, Stillaguamish, Sammamish — are other familiar indigenous place names.

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Fast Fire Department Response Saves Villa Costella!

January 27, 2021 on fire. Photo: Mary Cole

On January 27, 2021, the Seattle Fire Department quickly extinguished a fire in a unit at the historic landmark Villa Costella on W Olympic Place.

According to a member of the Queen Anne Historical Society who works in the building:

The owner of a condo on the 2nd floor was cooking on his deck with a deep fryer. He saw the oil was getting too hot and went to turn off the flame from the propane tank. He got the flame turned off, but at that same moment the oil burst into a flame ball and ignited the wall.” 

The unit suffered serious smoke damage, and neighboring units also had smoke damage.  It ought to be possible to restore the building to its original grandeur.

January 27, 2021. Fire Department on the scene. Fire out. Photo: Mary Cole