Board Member Spotlight – Kim Turner

I was born in Seattle’s Providence Hospital on June 7, 1943.  At that time, my parents lived at 1202 Fifth Ave. N.  In 1945, we moved into a house at 910 Third Ave. N, where we remained until February 1952.  I began school at Warren Avenue Elementary School in 1948.  I remember all of my teachers very well.  Evelyn Reisig, my fourth grade teacher, was one of my favorites, as it was in her class that I got to listen to the Standard School Broadcasts, kindling a love for music which has not died.   Carolyn Silva, my sixth grade teacher, encouraged my reading abilities, and I was often called on to read from the books, our “treat” after studies were over. …Continue reading “Board Member Spotlight – Kim Turner”

The Sacredness of Our Places of Worship

The soft hum of an organ, the sunlight streaking through stain glass, the whistling of a tea kettle or the song of a lark from your porch can stir up strong emotions in all of us. These triggers to our soul are elements of the sacredness of place that surround us everywhere. …Continue reading “The Sacredness of Our Places of Worship”

Stairs from a Toddler’s Perspective

There is nothing more enjoyable right now than for my 17 month old son to climb stairs in our neighborhood. For better (pride), or worse (bruises), he goes up and down each step as careful as one can when they are only 30” tall with a stride of about 6”. He likes to stop at everyone’s front porch, stoop, and particularly is excited when we come across one of Queen Anne’s public stairways. …Continue reading “Stairs from a Toddler’s Perspective”