Passages at the New Year

It is the New Year and changes are already heavily in motion. Richard Jameson is leaving his position as editor of the Queen Anne News. Former editor and publisher John Murray died last year. Hideous new townhouses are replacing comfortable, older single family dwellings all across the hill, and one of my favorite relatives, who lived for a time on Queen Anne Hill, my aunt Dorothy Jane Hull, died in December at the age of 90. …Continue reading “Passages at the New Year”

Queen Anne High School Memories

I attended several Queen Anne events in August 2006 which were based around the former Queen Anne High School and its students.  Queen Anne alums, for some reason, have a greater bond than do the alums of many other high schools.  It may be in part due to the fact that the school is no longer a school.  However, over a thousand alums gathered to view the classrooms-turned-apartments-turned-condos.  This was probably one of the highlight times to remember the school and for what it stood. …Continue reading “Queen Anne High School Memories”

Small Town Queen Anne

Just in time for Thanksgiving. We live in a fascinating place. Geologically, geographically, and with all the fun and foibles that people bring to a region. Queen Anne has been home to persons of every walk of life. It has also been home to bears, cougars, rabbits, deer, squirrels, moles, voles, garter snakes and racers, and various other animals. It has been home to Senators, both state and Federal, and to Congressmen and Congresswoman, to doctors, educators, ministers, scientists, lawyers, meat packers, grocers, pharmacists, policemen and firemen, librarians and research specialists, to members of the acting community and to various dealers of collectibles, antiques and jewelers. Musicians and conductors have made their homes on the hill. In short, there are few occupations that have not had their practitioners living on Queen Anne Hill. …Continue reading “Small Town Queen Anne”