Cobblestone — December 2016

President’s Letter

I am sure everyone is delighted by the wonderful articles Jan Hadley and Alicia Arter have been sharing in the Queen Anne Magnolia News and on our website ( about the history of grocery stores in our neighborhood. Grateful though I am to Joe Veyera, editor of the News, I encourage our members to visit our website where photos can be clearer and (on occasion) in color. I hope you will consider Alicia and Jan’s careful research on these stories and their enthusiasm for them as great reasons to support the society and rejoin now.

Our January 26 meeting to be held at 7:00 pm at Aegis Living on Galer will focus on Jan and Alicia’s work. They will explore myriad details about eating on Queen Anne that have yet to find a place in their work. To borrow an expression my mother used in the strangest contexts, it will be a ‘delicious’ meeting.

New board member Marga Rose Hancock has taken over soliciting new members and asking existing members to rejoin. The process is laid out in the notice in this copy of the Cobblestone. I hope you’ll take advantage of the on-line link through PayPal. It does make life easier for your all volunteer board.

Thanks to Alicia Arter for having served as the society’s archivist. That role has been taken over by Roger Neale who is doing a smashing job particularly as the Bayview Retirement Community has asked us to move. Bayview needs our (free) space as they add apartments to their facility.

The loss of our office at Bayview means the society must find a new office. Developer Joe Geivett has generously offered a storage locker at no cost through the summer, but a new space at no or minimal expense is required. Any suggestions you might have about where we might find such an office (10’ by 10’ with a window is all we need) would be great. You can always contact me through

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