Dillis B. Ward House – 104 Aloha Street

Dillis B. Ward was a Seattle pioneer.  In his published travel journal “Across the Plains in 1853,” he recalled his travel on the Oregon Trail from his homeland of Kentucky to Oregon.

This grand Queen Anne mansion was built in 1889 for Ward and his family. They left the residence after the 1893 panic.

In 1900, it was rented by William Pitt and Cannie (Ford) Trimble. Read more about William Pitt Trimble. Read about the tragic death of Cannie.

Other owners:

  • 1923 – 1950 Alexander & Effa MacDonald
  • 1952 – 1961 Paul & Phoebe Rosser

It was torn down in 1961 by the Rossers for the apartment building on the site today.