Expired Food

I got to thinking of the many foods which I have eaten over the years and which have basically either disappeared or been modernized out of all recognition, so I put together a list of foods to which I have a fondness but no longer can find.When was the last  time you saw (or used) the following products?  Junket, which came in several flavors, and was very tasty.  Albers Flapjack Mix, which was a local product.  Roman Meal Cereal. Hansen’s Sunbeam Bread.  Lime Kool-Aid (not lemon-lime, but pure lime).  Carnation and Arden Dairy products.  Van De Kamp’s wonderful plum torte spice cake, which was a favorite when we were younger.  Do you remember the bottles of milk we had in grade school that had about a quarter-inch of cream on top?  The variant of gingerbread which was honey-flavored?  The little wax bottles of soda pop flavoring?  The “chicken bones” nut-flavored candy carried by Woolworth’s?  Passion-fruit sherbet at Warren’s Ice Creamery?  Dag’s Beefy Boy Hamburgers from the stand on Aurora?  For 19 cents, that was a true bargain.  The little Chinese restaurant near the Uptown Theater on Queen Anne Avenue?  Is Peter Pan Peanut Butter still out there?  H-O Oats, one of the best hot cereals, along with Roman Meal.  Campbell’s Scotch Broth, Black Bean and Pepper Pot Soups.  Scotch Broth was what I drank after my tonsils were removed back in 1948.  Remember the Bon Bon ice cream at the Uptown Concession stand?  Five vanilla ice cream treats covered in chocolate, all for 10 cents.  Most of the small neighborhood groceries carried nearly all of the foods I have listed.  But some of the products (sigh!) I truly miss.