Horace Compton House – 518 W Roy St

Compton House, 1906
Compton House, 1906

This elegant house was built about 1906 on a large lot with beautiful views to the Sound.   It stood on the north side of Roy St. in the 500 West block.  Kinnear Park was directly west, while the yard and house held unspoiled views of Elliott Bay to the south.

The first residents were Horace Frank Compton, a local lumber company owner, along with his wife, four children, and two servants.  The interior hall was trimmed in oak, with mahogany and fir also used extensively.  The 17 rooms included four on the first floor, and six on the second.  Three fireplaces augmented the oil-burning hot-air furnace to keep the house warm.  Not including the attic or basement, interior space was measured at 4590 sq. ft.

In the 1930 census, the property was valued at $22,000.  The tax man noted the “double-good” construction.

The house held boarders by the late 1940’s, and was torn down in 1969 for apartments.


  • 1904 – 1933 Horace & Anna Compton
  • 1937 – Ella and Alfred Boardman
  • 1948 – FA Hovick, master mariner