Ken’s Market Queen Anne

Ken Giles grew up in the Greenwood/Phinney neighborhood in the 1930-40’s.  At the age of thirteen, Ken started working for his uncle at Erickson’s Market on 87th & Greenwood.  There began his lifelong passion for the grocery business.

Ken Giles

He attended the University of Washington, where he rowed on the Crew team, and served two years in the Navy.  He worked at several grocery stores in North Seattle, then in 1955 bought the IGA at 73rd & Greenwood, which became Ken Giles IGA.  In 1964, Ken and his partner Vic Kaloper bought the store on Queen Anne, then sold it to concentrate on other branches.

Ken’s three sons — Greg, Steve, and Scott — worked with him in the business off and on as they grew up.  In 1984, they repurchased the Ken’s Market Queen Ann store from the family Ken and Vic had sold it to.

Ken “officially” retired in 2001.  In 2007, his grandson Eric Giles, along with partners George O’Connor and Joe Vizzare, bought the Queen Anne store — where all of them had grown up working.

Reference:  Queen Anne Grocery Stores