Queen Anne Historical Society 1971-

NOTE:  this article copied from Queen Anne Community on the Hill, by Kay Frances Reinartz, PhD, published by the Queen Anne Historical Society in 1993.
In 2021, the Society celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding, with a 7/29 event and onward.

The Queen Anne Historical Society was founded in 1971 by the History Committee of the Queen Anne Community Council under the leadership of Louise Locke. The organization incorporated as non-profit and adopted the Kinnear Mansion as the society’s logo.  For over two decades [as of 1993] the society has worked in many areas to advance its mission of preservation of the community’s historic heritage. The society maintains a community history archive and holds bimonthly meetings which feature programs emphasizing community and Washington history.

Highlights of the Queen Anne Historical Society
Achievements with the Names of Leaders

1992-93    Sponsored Queen Anne Community History Book Project — Bob Frazier
1990         *C. H. Black House & Gardens, 615 W. Lee St.
1989         Published reprint of Homes & Gardens of the Pacific Coast, Seattle, 1913 — Michael, Ethel                             & James Kemp-Slaughter
1987        Sponsored first annual Christmas lighting contest focused on historic Queen Anne Blvd.
1986        Dedication of Captain Vancouver plaque at Betty Bowen Viewpoint and celebration —                                    Michael Kemp-Slaughter
1986        *Bethany Presbyterian Church, 1818 Queen Anne Ave. N.
1985        *Queen Anne High School, 215 Galer St.
1984        *Stuart/Balcom House, 619 W. Comstock St.
1984        *Bowen/Huston Bungalow 715 W. Prospect St.
1983        Society Newsletter founded:  “Great Queen Anners” list of historic community leaders                                      compiled for the state “Great Washingtonians” project — Kathryn Seymour
1983        *Handschy/Kistler House, 2433 9th Ave. W.
1981        Queen Anne Oral History Project — Ron Palmer
1981        *North Queen Anne Bridge, over Wolf Creek Ravine
1980        *Brace/Moriarty House, 618 W. Highland Dr.
1980        Cleaned pioneer graves and mapped Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 1980 — Ray Bronson
1980        *Parsons/Gerrard House, 618 W. Highland Dr.
1980        Parsons Memorial Garden, immediately west of 618 W. Highland Dr.
1980        *McFee/Klockzien House, 524 W. Highland Dr.
1979        *Ballard/Howe House, 22 W. Highland Dr.
1979        *Fourteenth Ave. W. Group, 2000-2016 Fourteenth Ave. W.
1978        *Chelsea Apartment Building, 620 W. Olympic Pl.
1978        *Cotterill House, 2501 Westview Dr. W.
1978        *De La Mar Apartment Building, 115 W. Olympic Pl.
1977-81    Queen Anne heritage calendar produced:  1977, Jan Clow; 1979, Pauline Hanover; 1980,                                 1981, Ray Bronson
1977        *West Queen Anne Elementary School, 515 W. Galer St.
1976        *Willcox Wall, west side 8th Ave. W. to 8th Pl. W.
1976        Assisted with historical research in production of historical U.S. Bicentennial edition of                                    the Queen Anne News, 1976 — Jon Bartlett, Susan Christenson, Alice Ellis
1976        Historic walking tour and tour brochure produced — Howard Lovering, Alice Ellis
 *Designated official City of Seattle Landmark