Swedish Club To Be Nominated

Swedish Club viewed from the southeast. Photo: Studio TJP 

UPDATE:  On March 4, the LPB nominated the club including some interior spaces and the entire site. Actual designation may not include all the nominated features. Date of designation meeting will be posted here and in the Events portion of qahistory.org. 

The Landmarks Preservation Board will consider the nomination of the Swedish Club on Dexter on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, at 3:30 p.m.* in the Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Avenue, Floor L2, Room L2-80 “Boards & Commissions.”  The public is invited to attend the meeting and make comments.   Written comments can be submitted to the Landmarks Preservation Board at Landmarks Preservation Board, Dept. of Neighborhoods, P.O. Box 94649, Seattle WA 98124-4649 by March 3, 2020, by 3:00 p.m.  Comments can also be emailed to the Department of Neighborhoods by the same deadline.

The Queen Anne Historical Society is submitting a letter endorsing the nomination.  Members of its Landmarks Committee have been working on this nomination for over two years with the Swedish Club and the primary nominator Larry Johnson,  principal emeritus of The Johnson Partnership, now known as  Studio TJP.

The nomination is available for review at the Queen Anne Branch of the Seattle Public Library, 400 W. Garfield St. and at the Department of Neighborhoods Office, at Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Ave, 4th Floor, telephone: 684-0228.  It is posted here  under “Current Nominations.”

*Although the LPB meeting starts at 3:30 nominations don’t start until around 4:30. You can check the agenda at their site later this week.