Counterbalance & Streetcars

The railway on the street that was to become the Counterbalance began life as part of the Front Street Cable Railway. Composed of three segments, the northern and last to be finished segment ran from the cable car power house at 2nd & Denny north up 2nd Ave. N. to Aloha, then west to Queen Anne Ave., and then north to its terminus at Highland Dr. (Bradley St.). Completed on March 1, 1891, the northward extension was separately incorporated as the North Seattle Cable Railway. It was built with a cheap and impermanent wooden conduit, forcing a replacement within the first ten years of the line.

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Dillis B. Ward House – 104 Aloha Street

Dillis B. Ward, was a Seattle pioneer. In his published travel journal “Across the Plains in 1853”, he recalled his travel on the Oregon Trail from his homeland of Kentucky to Oregon.

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