Home is Where the Heart Is

Who let the rain out?  It was barely a month ago that we were sitting in shirtsleeves, watching the finest of sunsets which Puget Sound has to offer.

This has been a Queen Anne year for your faithful columnist:  my own high school class reunion (45th); the Queen Anne High School Alumni Association’s 25th anniversary; the transfer of the building and grounds to the new owner of the former school, and the ensuing condominium open house on August 12th, 2006; and working on the “Topping Queen Anne” walking tour, a major undertaking which was really two tours in one, insofar as time is concerned. …Continue reading “Home is Where the Heart Is”

Going, Going, Gone

The April 18, 2006 marked the 100th anniversary of the great 1906 California earthquake which did so much damage in the San Francisco Bay area. The Prince William Sound (Alaska) earthquake of Good Friday, 1964, not only caused tsunamis, but actually lifted the entire seabed many feet higher. Earth constantly amazes me as to its ability to build, destroy, rebuild, and constantly change its appearance. …Continue reading “Going, Going, Gone”