John Hay Schools – 4th Ave N & Boston St

John Hay School, undated
John Hay School, undated

With two John Hay Elementary Schools on Queen Anne, there is bound to be some confusion when we talk about them.  There may even be reason to say that there are three John Hay schools on Queen Anne.  Surely three buildings share the name.

Architect James Stephen designed the oldest building which open for the 1905-1906 school year. The building faces west in the middle of the two-acre block bought by the school district in 1903 for $4,500.  At that time, Crockett Street still ran straight through from 4th Avenue N. to Bigelow.  In 1905 the district paid contractor Peter P. Gjande $23,756 to construct the eight-room school that served grades one to seven.  Today, the building sits south of the Crockett Street right of way and north of Newton Street between 4th Avenue N. and Bigelow Avenue N. …Continue reading “John Hay Schools – 4th Ave N & Boston St”

H Ambrose Kiehl House – 421 W Galer St

The Kiehl Family

Two generations of Kiehls owned and occupied the house built by H. Ambrose Kiehl  (1865-1942) at 421 West Galer Street in 1905.

Their lives were captured in the many photographs taken by Ambrose from 1890 to 1917 and preserved by his daughter Laura Adele Keihl over the succeeding decades. These photographs record the family life of the Kiehls and the work of Ambrose as a civil engineer employed by the U.S. Army at Fort Lawton and other Western locations. …Continue reading “H Ambrose Kiehl House – 421 W Galer St”