Wilke Farmhouse – 1920 2nd Ave N

In 1898, Charles Wilke built a comfortable, modest 3-bedroom home for his family at 1920 2nd Ave. N. at the corner of Newton St. The house, which was out in the country at the time, is an example of 19th century vernacular small farm architecture.wilke-farmhouse-barn-1974

Wilke was a framing carpenter and put a large sign on the roof of his barn “Chas. Wilke, Carpenter and Builder.” As land values rose, Wilke cut his orchard to the south of his house, and built more houses, which he sold. He also built a number of houses in the eastern and central neighborhoods of Queen Anne. The barn housed chickens, horses, and possibly a pig. …Continue reading “Wilke Farmhouse – 1920 2nd Ave N”