H Ambrose Kiehl House – 421 W Galer St

The Kiehl Family

Two generations of Kiehls owned and occupied the house built by H. Ambrose Kiehl at 421 West Galer Street in 1905.

Their lives were captured in the many photographs taken by Ambrose from 1890 to 1917 and preserved by his daughter Laura Adele Keihl over the succeeding decades. These photographs record the family life of the Kiehls and the work of Ambrose as a civil engineer employed by the U.S. Army at Fort Lawton and other Western locations. …Continue reading “H Ambrose Kiehl House – 421 W Galer St”

Christmas Past

Recent and upcoming events bring some memories to the fore; remembering a Christmas held in the brick house at 1202 Fifth Avenue North in 1945. The tree almost hit the ceiling. My visual memories are all I have from the time, as I was only 1-1/2. We entertained members of each branch of the military, with presents for each one. This was a tradition my parents did all through the World War II years, and for two years after. There were alcoholic drinks for the adults, usually a home-made eggnog and a cider punch which my Dad made. There were both roast turkey and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, which my Dad made, recalling his youth in Canada. There were Christmas cookies, made with the new aluminum cookie cutters and several glass molds. The Santa Claus cake was baked in two heavy containers. The front was then frosted to the back with a rum/sugar/butter creation, then decorated in colors with a cake decorator. I think I still have that decorator; it is red plasticine which has a lot of ‘give’ and I have never been able to get it to work properly. My Mom could do it easily! …Continue reading “Christmas Past”