Allbin vs. City of Seattle

The internet is a great tool for access to many older items previously unavailable.  One local example is the picture archive for the City of Seattle.  Now any of us can peruse hundreds of pictures that were previously available only on old glass plates.  And that’s where I first saw him.  According to the date on the image, it was May, 1914. There he was–standing on a small ledge of a very large house in Queen Anne, looking out at the view.

Allbin Boarding House, May 18, 1914
Allbin Boarding House, May 18, 1914

It was hard to understand just what he was doing, but also the bigger question existed–why did someone from the City of Seattle think they needed to record the scene?  “Allbin vs. City” the description on the photo read.  And where was this grand old house today?  Was it still there? …Continue reading “Allbin vs. City of Seattle”

Kinnear Park – 899 W Olympic Pl

George Kinnear (Jan. 30, 1836 – July 21, 1912) was a Civil War veteran and Woodford County Clerk in Illinois when he heard about the Pacific Northwest.

Enticed by firsthand and written accounts, he followed the siren’s call to travel to the Northwest in 1874 and chose Seattle as his new home.  He bought a tract of land now known as the “G. Kinnear Addition,” on the southwest side of Queen Anne Hill. …Continue reading “Kinnear Park – 899 W Olympic Pl”