Victims List – Wellington Avalanche, March 1, 1910

The Dead – Passengers

1. Richard M. Barnhart, 40, attorney from Spokane. Survived by wife and small child.
2. George L. Beck, 40, from Marcus, Wash.
3. Ella A. Beck, 30, wife of George.
4. Erma Beck, age 4, child of George and Ella
5. Harriet Beck, age 6, child of George and Ella
6. Leonard Beck, age 2, child of George and Ella
7. R. H. Bethel, 44, contracting and consulting engineer of firm of Bethel & Downey, Seattle. Survived by wife.
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White Death, Moving Down the Mountains

It’s easier to view the results of someone else’s research than to do it oneself. Yet, time and again I find I am literally “caught up” by the joy of the chase. The treasure I seek is more intangible than gold or silver, but it proves to me to be just as valuable.

Take the recent book talk at Elliott Bay Book Company. Author Gary Krist, who has written in several genres, was there on Tuesday, February 27th, to discuss his newest book, “The White Cascade”. This is his latest, and certainly a most fascinating read. This account of the March 1, 1910 Wellington Avalanche was first recounted by Washington author Ruby El Hult, who also wrote “The Untamed Olympics,” and “Lost Mines and Treasures of the Pacific Northwest.” Her book, “Northwest Disasters,”, published in 1960, covered the Wellington Avalanche and the Bitterroot Mountain Fires of 1910, both of which took many lives. …Continue reading “White Death, Moving Down the Mountains”