Shopping & Food in Uptown

If more than one of us went “major” shopping, we walked down to Mercer, originally from Third North at the foot of the stairs, and after February 1952, from the house at 1207 Sixth Avenue North. From that location we still walked down to Mercer, but via Sixth to Ward Place, from there to Fifth Avenue North, then down by the Auditorium Apartments and west along Mercer to the Safeway (where the Chase Bank is today). …Continue reading “Shopping & Food in Uptown”

Stairs from a Toddler’s Perspective

There is nothing more enjoyable right now than for my 17 month old son to climb stairs in our neighborhood. For better (pride), or worse (bruises), he goes up and down each step as careful as one can when they are only 30” tall with a stride of about 6”. He likes to stop at everyone’s front porch, stoop, and particularly is excited when we come across one of Queen Anne’s public stairways. …Continue reading “Stairs from a Toddler’s Perspective”