• Maureen Elenga, President
  • Rene Alkoff, Vice President
  • Georgi Krom, Secretary
  • Leanne Goulding, Treasurer

Board of Trustees

Rene Alkoff (on Board 2019- )

    • Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Rene graduated high school in Westchester County, NY — along with past president Michael Herschensohn.  She earned a Bachelors Degree in Journalism & History at Penn State and a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism at University of Southern California.  A member of the Writers Guild of American/West, Rene has worked as a writer/producer in television production — mostly news, documentaries, on-air promotion, and live broadcasts in New York, Los Angeles, Massachusetts and Toronto.  She tutored literacy in Seattle public schools.  She has lived on Queen Anne since 2004, and  especially appreciates the Society for getting the Treat House on W Highland designated as a landmark — “forever preserving our awesome views of the Space Needle and Elliott Bay!”

Alicia Arter (on Board 200?- )

    • Alicia Comstock Arter has been a book and web editor since 2004.   An interest in genealogy helps her in finding the human aspect of local history.  She is a fourth-generation Queen Anne resident.

Sue Billings (on Board 8/2009- )

    • Sue was born in Seattle in 1942 at Doctor’s Hospital, now long gone.  She grew up in the Montlake neighborhood when it was an incredible place for kids to run and play in the swamp, the Arboretum, and at the docks on Lake Union.  She graduated from Garfield High and got her teaching degree from Western WA in Bellingham in 1964 (teaching, nursing, and sales — “what many women did back then!”).  After a 5th year at UW in 1965, Sue taught for 27+ years and intermittently stayed home with her two children.  One of Sue’s most enjoyable moments was training for two years to become a docent at SAM, and she worked at the old location (the only one) on Capitol Hill.   Sue and her husband Roger were active in U.S.S.R. (see article).   Roger later led the group for some years, taming developers when our hill seemed more cohesive.  Sue has really enjoyed her years with QAHS, being Treasurer for several years and now still on the Board helping our President when needed.  Sue has traveled to Europe several times.  She went to college in Mexico City in 1966 and took with her what she learned about their artists and archaeology sites.  Sue would never move off QA Hill, she just adores it, as so many of us do.

Nicole Demers-Changelo, RA (on Board 2013- )

    • Nikki is an advocate for Queen Anne’s built environment.  A Board member since 2013 and Vice President 2015 to 2019, Nikki is a licensed architect and a real estate broker.  As a Board member, Nikki devotes her energy to following landmark and preservation matters involving the Queen Anne neighborhood.  On behalf of the Society, she writes articles for print and online publication.

Maureen Elenga (on Board 2017- )

Leanne Goulding (on Board 2019- )

    •  Leanne began her tenure as a Board member in 2019, serving as the Treasurer.  She has lived on and loved Queen Anne since 1981.  Leanne’s passion for architecture is landscape-centric, being a landscape designer for 30 years and opening the doors of Terra Design in 2006.  She served on the Board of The Association of Professional Designers for 10 years.  Leanne received a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and an Associate’s in Landscape Design from Edmonds Community College.  She is delighted to be an active member of Queen Anne Historical Society.

Michael Herschensohn, Ph.D. (past President)(on Board 8/2010- )

    • Michael has nearly 40 years of non profit management experience.  Executive Director of the Children’s Museum 1988-1995, MOHAI 1995-98 and Northwest Folklife 1998-2008, he served as President of QAHS from 2010 to 2021.  Michael initiated a regular program of grant-supported activities that ended the regular depletion of our treasury.   With Board support and encouragement, he has implemented numerous programs.  Writing about Queen Anne history, especially the community’s historic buildings and sites, is a never-ending source of inspiration.  Michael is stoked by our efforts to preserve the historic character of our neighborhood, downtown, uptown, and all around the hill.

Georgi Krom

    • Georgi has lived in Queen Anne since 1975.  Originally from Spokane, Georgi attended the University of the Pacific in California, the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, and the Burnley School of Art in Seattle.  She worked for almost 30 years as a graphic designer for Seattle Children’s and other medical companies.  Now retired, she would like to volunteer for historical preservation.  She worked on the tour of the Queen Anne Park neighborhood in 2015 and is delighted to be a Board member of the QAHS.

Leanne Olson (on Board 2010- )

    • Leanne brings 30+ years of corporate finance and accounting experience and has been a city-wide historic preservation advocate for more than 10 years.  An active QAHS member for over 30 years, historic preservation is her passion. She is most proud of the role she played in helping to save the former Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist — a unique 1926 Byzantine Revival design by noted Seattle architect Harlan Thomas.  Leanne received Historic Seattle’s Beth Chave Award 2018.

 Marga Rose Hancock  (on Board 8/2018- )

 Mark P.  Walters  (on Board 8/2020- )

    • Mark lives with his wife Beaven and their four children in a historic home in West Queen Anne.  They maintain active membership with Saint Anne Parish, and their children have attended or currently attend Saint Anne School. Mark studied biology at WSU and received his JD from the University of Idaho. A registered patent attorney, he practices law in downtown Seattle, focused on intellectual property litigation.  He has argued appellate cases throughout the US, and at the United States Supreme Court.