Urbanization of Queen Anne Avenue (part 2)

Looking northeast towards McGraw St.
2232 Queen Anne Ave N

Sazón D’La Baja is now open in the space formerly occupied by Five Hooks  Fish Grill on the southeast corner of McGraw Street.  Their tenure is temporary.  The building has been sold and is slated to become 16 apartments in a five-story building with a basement and a street-level restaurant.  Construction is set to begin in late 2021.  As the project is less than 15,000 square feet, it falls under Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection’s Streamlined Design Review.

It is beginning to look like we are set to lose all the houses on the east side of Queen Anne Avenue between Boston and McGraw.  The surprise is that the houses, all of which have been converted to business uses, have survived this long.

Thanks to Paige Pauli for sharing these 1952 and 1937 archival photos of the house before and after its asbestos siding, boxed-in front porch and relocated front door!

2232 Queen Anne Ave. N. in 1952 before commercial additions.
So many changes since 1937