Van de Kamp’s Bakery – 550 Queen Anne Ave N

Van de Kamp Bakery, 1930

This photograph depicts the trademark windmill-shaped Van de Kamp’s bakery at 550 Queen Anne Avenue North, its doughnuts, breads and cakes visible in the window.

A new Van de Kamp’s location, at 2127 Queen Anne Avenue, is championed in this 1930 Queen Anne News advertisement. From the ad:

Another Van de Kamp bakery store – and this one right in the neighborhood! At 2127 Queen Anne Avenue, this newest addition to the rapidly growing Van de Kamp chain will open Saturday, January 25, with a complete line of more than 150 varieties of bakery products.

Every housewife knows that it takes the finest ingredients to produce quality-baked products. It’s just the use of the choicest ingredients and home recipes in Van de Kamp’s immaculate baking kitchen, that makes these delightful products so uniformly like home made.

Ad in the Queen Anne News, Jan. 1930

And remember, everything you secure in a Van de Kamp store is GUARANTEED FRESH!

Include this new store in your shopping program, and judge for yourself what this unusual assortment of bakery products means to you.

Select from 18 varieties of well-baked bread; pies and cakes like homemade; pastries, coffee cakes, simply scrumptious donuts, and cookies that make home baking unnecesary.

Miss Adriatta Osteward, manager, and her Assistants, in Holland Dutch costumes, will be happy to serve you with true Van de Kamp courtesy.

The center “Free” section reads:

Children accompanied by parents or other grownups, with every purchase, will receive free of charge a miniature Dutch windmill filled with crisp Van de Kamp cookies tomorrow.

Today the location is a pet store.

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