Victims List – Wellington Avalanche, March 1, 1910

The Wellington Avalanche

The Dead – Passengers

1. Richard M. Barnhart, 40, attorney from Spokane. Survived by wife and small child.
2. George L. Beck, 40, from Marcus, Wash.
3. Ella A. Beck, 30, wife of George.
4. Erma Beck, age 4, child of George and Ella
5. Harriet Beck, age 6, child of George and Ella
6. Leonard Beck, age 2, child of George and Ella
7. R. H. Bethel, 44, contracting and consulting engineer of firm of Bethel & Downey, Seattle. Survived by wife.
8. Albert Boles, 34, from Moberly, Ontario, Canada. Survived by brother Edward W. Boles.
9. John Brockman, 45, rancher from Waterville, Wash. Survived by brother of the same name.
10. H. D. Chantrell, 50, customs officer at Blaine, Wash. Survived by brother, Spokane; son, Seattle.
11. Alex Chisholm, 60, Rossland, B C. Survived by wife.
12. Solomon Cohen, 50, Everett, Wash. Survived by wife and five children.
13. Mrs. M. A. (Sarah Jane) Covington, 69. Survived by husband and married children.
14. George F. Davis, 35, Seattle, motorman on Seattle, Renton & Southern line.
15. Thelma Davis, 3, daughter of George F. Davis.
16. Charles S. Eltinge, 50, treasurer of Pacific Coast Pipe Company, Seattle. Survived by wife and five children, Spokane.
17. George A. Heron, 26, from Ireland, working as sawmill hand in Moyie, B. C.
18. Mrs. M. L. (Libby) Latsch, 30, head of Northwestern Sales Company, Seattle. Survived by husband and small child.
19. Sam Lee, an American, age about 25. Identified by tattoos.
20. Edgar Lemman, 47, attorney from Hunters, Wash. Survived by daughter, Hunters, and parents, Ritzville, Wash.
21. Ada Lemman, 39, wife of Edgar Lemman.
22. John Mackie, 24, from Ireland. Friend and working companion of Heron and Monroe.
23. Nellie Sharp McGirl, 26, a writer. Survived by husband in California, father and sisters in Midwest.
24. James McNeney, 59, Seattle attorney and former judge. Survived by wife.
25. Albert G. Mahler, 55, Seattle real estate dealer. Survived by wife and thirteen-year-old son.
26. Bert Matthews, 37, traveling salesman from Cincinnati, Ohio.
27. William May, 54, Chemainus, B. C. Father of Mrs. Starrett.
28. James Monroe, 26, from Ireland. Friend and working companion of Heron and Mackie.
29. Catherine O’Reilly, 26, nurse from Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane.
30. Lillian Starrett, age 9.
31. Francis Starrett, baby eight months old.
32. Benjamin G. Thompson, Rossland, B. C. Survived by wife.
33. **Reverend James M. Thomson, 57, minister, Bellingham. Survived by wife and grown sons.
34. Edward W. Topping, 29, traveling representative for Safety Door Hanger Company, Ashland, Ohio. Survived by father and small son.
35. J. R. Vail, 60, sheepherder from Trinidad, Wash.

The Dead – Trainmen and Employees

36. Lee J. Ahern, age 25, mail weigher on Train No. 25. Survived by parents, Spokane, Wash.
37. Grover W. Begle, 24, express messenger on Train No. 25. Survived by wife, Seattle, Wash.
38. Earl Edgar Bennington, 29, fireman. From Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
39. John Bjart, about 40, laborer.
40. Arthur Reed Blackburn, 33, trainmaster. Survived by wife and week-old baby in Everett, Wash.
41. Richard C. Bogart, 36, mail clerk on Train No. 27. Survived by parents, brother and sister, Spokane.
42. Fred Bohn, 20, mail weigher Train No. 27. From Palouse, Wash.
43. William E. Bovee, 26, brakeman. Survived by father, Renton, Wash.
44. Peter Bruno, 40, Italian laborer.
45. Alex C. (Ed) Campbell, 28, rotary conductor. Perished in cabin. Survived by wife, Bellingham, Wash.
46. J. O. Carroll, engineer. Survived by wife, Everett.
47. G. Christy, laborer.
48. William Corcoran, 45, engine watchman.
49. William N. Dorety, brakeman.
50. Anthony John Dougherty, 27, brakeman. From Waverly, Minnesota.
51. H. J. Drehl, 40, express messenger Train No. 27. From West Alexandria, Ohio.
52. William A. Duncan, 45, porter. Survived by brother, Seattle.
53. Archie R. Dupy, 23, brakeman. Survived by family in Waynoka, Oklahoma.
54. Earl Fisher, 19, either a fireman or laborer. Home reported as Rossland, B. C.
55. **John D. Fox, 42, mail clerk in charge of Train No. 27. Survived by wife and three children, Seattle.
56. **Luigi Cimmarusti, 45, Italian laborer. From Spokane.
57. Donald Cameron Gilman, 33, electrician. Killed in cabin. Survived by parents, Santa Barbara, Calif.
58. Mike Guglielmo, 23, Italian laborer. Survived by brother, Spokane.
59. **M. Milton Hicks, 25, brakeman. Survived by father, Sedro-Woolley, Wash.
60. George Hoefer, 28, mail clerk Train No. 27. Survived by wife, Spokane.
61. Benjamin F. Jarnagan, 31, engineer. Survived by father, Seattle.
62. G. R. Jenks, fireman. Unmarried: lived in Everett.
63. Charles William Jennison, 28, brakeman. From Zimmerman, Minnesota.
64. Sidney H. Jones, 25, fireman. Survived by wife, Everett.
65. John Edward Kelly, 23, brakeman. Survived by father, Everett.
66. William Kenzal, 38, brakeman. Survived by brother, Rochester, New York.
67. Charles F. LaDu, 26, mail clerk Train No. 27. Survived by sister, Sidney, New York.
68. Gus Leibert, 25, laborer.
69. J. Liberati, laborer.
70. Stephen Ernest (Ed) Lindsay, 33, rotary conductor. Survived by father and brother, Seattle.
71. Earl R. Longcoy, 19, secretary to Division Superintendent J. H. O’Neill. Survived by mother and sister, just arrived in Everett from Wisconsin.
72. Francis S. Martin, engineer Train No. 25. Survived by wife and children, Spokane.
73. Archibald McDonald, fireman. Body found in springtime, 1910.
74. Peter Nino, 37, engine watcher.
75. T. L. Osborne, engineer. Survived by family, Leavenworth, Wash.
76. Harry Otto Partridge, 35, fireman. Survived by mother, Biloxi, Mississippi.
77. John K. Parzybok, 24, rotary conductor. Survived by bride of six months, Everett.
78. Joseph L. Pettit, conductor Train No. 25. Survived by wife and children, Everett.
79. Antonio Porlowlino, 35, laborer.
80. William E. Raycroft, 31, brakeman. Survived by wife and mother, Everett.
81. L. Ross, 25, fireman. From Paintsville, Kentucky.
82. Carl Smith, 50, laborer.
83. Andrew Stohmier, 30, brakeman. Killed in cabin.
84. Vasily Suterin, about 35, Russian laborer.
85. Giovanni Tosti, 30, Italian laborer.
86. Hiram Towslee, 36, mail clerk in charge of mail car, Train No. 25. Survived by wife, Fort Steilacoom, Wash.
87. John C. Tucker, 37, mail clerk, Train No. 27. Survived by wife and father, Spokane.
88. Lewis George Walker, 53, steward O’Neill’s private car. Survived by wife and grandmother, Everett.
89. Julian E. Wells, 19, brakeman. Lived in Seattle.
90. G. R. Yerks, 24, fireman. From Fielding, Michigan.
91. Unidentified laborer #1
92. Unidentified laborer #2
93. Unidentified laborer #3
94. Unidentified laborer #4
95. Unidentified laborer #5
96. Unidentified laborer #6

The Survivors

1. John Gray, from Nooksack, Wash. Broken right leg sustained in a prior accident. Rescued from snow. Leg rebroken and minor injuries.
2. Anna Gray, wife of John Gray. Rescued from snow. Fairly severe injuries.
3. Varden Gray, eighteen-month-old son of John and Anna Gray. Rescued from snow. Fairly severe injuries.
4. R. M. Laville, electrician from Missoula, Montana. Rescued. Minor injuries.
5. Mrs. William May, Chemainus, B. C. Rescued. Minor injuries. (Mother of Mrs. Starrett.)
6. Mrs. Ida Starrett. Rescued from snow after an eleven hour incarceration. Serious injuries.
7. Raymond Starrett, age 7. Fairly severe injuries.
8. Henry H. White, salesman American Paper Company. Fairly serious injuries.

Passengers and employees who walked to the scene prior to the avalanche

9. John Merritt, attorney, Spokane, Wash.
10. Lewis C. Jesseph, attorney, Colville, Wash. Milton Horn. 18, Wenatchee, Wash. Edward W. Rea.
11. George Loveberry, proprietor, hay and feed store, Georgetown, Wash.

Monday, February 28, 1911
12. John Rogers, real estate man, Seattle.
13. E. A. Sperber, Spokane.
14. R. McKnight.
15. Charles Young.
16. Frank Ritter, 18, Bellingham.
17. E. W. Boles, brother of Albert Boles, killed in avalanche.
18. Samuel Field, from Alaska.

Included in this party on Monday were four railroad employees:
19. Conductor J. L. Pettit, Everett;
20. H. L. Mertz, Hillyard;
21. Angus Van Larke, Seattle; and
22. Guiseppe Dinatale, a laborer.

Conductor Pettit returned to the train at Wellington and was killed in the avalanche.

Train Employee Survivors

23. Lucius Anderson, porter on sleeping car Winnipeg. Minor injuries.
24. Samuel A. Bates, fireman. Rescued after being trapped for six hours beneath an engine. Minor injuries.
25. Ira Clary, rotary conductor. Rescued from snow. Minor injuries.
26. E. S. Duncan, brakeman. Extricated from wreckage. Minor injuries.
27. Ray Forsyth, section laborer, sleeping on passenger car. Minor injuries.
28. William Harrington, trainmaster. Thrown clear of wreckage. Fairly severe injuries.
29. Alfred B. Hensel, mail clerk Train No. 27. Extricated himself from wreckage. Fairly severe injuries.
30. J. L. Kerlee, brakeman. Released by others from beneath an engine. Minor injuries.
31. George (Bat) Nelson, fireman. Minor injuries.
32. Homer E. Purcell, rotary conductor. Minor injuries. Thrown clear of wreckage.
33. Ross Phillips, brakeman. Rescued. Fairly severe injuries.
34. Adolph Smith, porter from sleeper Similkameen. Rescued. Minor injuries.
35. Irving Tegtmeier, master mechanic. Rescued. Fairly severe injuries.
36. M. O. White, rotary conductor. Rescued. Minor injuries.

Source: Ruby El Hult; Northwest Disasters

** Buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Queen Anne

Note:  Because the accident occurred in King County, the coroner assigned burials when an accident occurred to contracted cemeteries in King County.  s it happened, it was Mt. Pleasant’s turn–the Cimmarusti burial site actually contains additional other unknown laborers.  The plaque honoring Mr. Cimmarusti was added years later.