Yesterday and Today on Queen Anne

May 23, 2020

An unidentified gentleman stands at the corner of 6th Avenue W. and W. Crockett Street, while an unidentified boy looks on from the entrance to the Crockett Street Pharmacy in this ca. 1910 image. The commercial and residential building, constructed in 1906, is the location of Targy’s Tavern (founded 1937) today.

Crockett Street Pharmacy enhanced by Mark Spitzer
Crockett Street Pharmacy — ca. 1910

In today’s image, mural paintings are featured in the pandemic-shuttered tavern’s exterior window niches (long since filled in). Several Seattle businesses that were forced to close during COVID-19 quarantine have boarded their windows with mural paintings to brighten our streets and lift our spirits during this challenging time.

Targy’s Tavern Today